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Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School


Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Marshall High School Boosters GO STATESMEN!

Boosters Home.

Please visit our school based and main web-site at:   

Looking for spiritwear and souvenirs? Visit or email


Greetings Marshall Supporters,                                        

The Marshall Booster Club supports all extra-curricular activities at GCM. We sponsor fund raisers that are well organized, designed to minimize the amount of time involved, and offer a great way to meet members of the GCM community. Volunteer just 2 to 3 hours per year and you help insure that your student has the support needed to compete in athletics and activities. Join the Boosters, or to make a donation to help support the boosters.

Interested in getting involved at an even more meaningful level? Contact our Booster President and find out how you can help by being on our Board at

With that in mind, the following is a checklist of opportunities available to you that directly supports all our GCM students:

  • Join Boosters and Buy a Booster Pass:  See our membership flyer at the above website
  • Make a tax deductible contribution to Boosters
  • Order GIANT gift cards on a monthly basis, See our Giant flyer at the above website
  • Wear MARSHALL spirit wear
  • Attend a game, root on the HOME team!
  • Support the Christmas Tree Sales sponsored by Boosters
  • Buy your Spring Mulch from Boosters
  • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer:  the best way to stay in touch with Marshall 

And if you are a business:

  • Business' Order a Stadium Banner: open files tab for information  

I guarantee, the more you participate in Marshall sponsored events the more you will realize what a special place Marshall is.

Go Statesmen!

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