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Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School


Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

New Conference/Region Info

Marshall Community,

By now, you may have heard that the Virginia High School League (VHSL) will be undergoing some significant changes in the next year. I will attempt to shed some light on this for you.

Some history of the VHSL… For the last 40 years we have operated under a 3 Classification system for athletics and activities (A, AA, AAA).  Over the past 10 years, these classes have been split in football and AA Division 3, AA Division 4 in basketball to allow for more level playing fields.  For the past few years there have been many discussions throughout the state to make adjustments which would address the changing demographics throughout the state, escalating costs, travel demands, and to balance competition levels.  After much debate and discussion, this week the VHSL membership approved significant new changes to take effect for the 2013-2014 school year.  Instead of 3 Classes of 90-120 schools each, there now will be 6 classes of 46-54 schools based on school enrollment.

How does this impact Marshall HS? Our regular season "District" will remain essentially the same as we will continue to play in the Liberty District.  There will be no district tournament as was held in the past. Once the regular season is over, we will move to a "Conference Tournament”.  We are assigned to Conference 13 with Jefferson, Falls Church, Edison, Mount Vernon, Stuart, Lee, and Wakefield. These schools will host a postseason “Conference Tournament”, typically with four teams advancing to “Region Playoffs” in most sports, not all.

Presently there are 4 regions in the current AAA class today. Beginning next year (2013-14) we will have 2 Regions in Group 5A. Conference 13 will be part of Region 5A North along with the following schools.

MEMBER SCHOOLS Alignment in Region 5A North

Conference 13

Conference 14

Conference 15

Conference 16

Thomas Edison

Briar Woods

Brooke Point


Falls Church

Broad Run

Freedom (Woodbridge)


Thomas Jefferson S&T

Freedom (South Riding)



Robert E. Lee

Potomac Falls

Mountain View

Patrick Henry (Ash)

George C. Marshall

Stone Bridge

North Stafford


Mount Vernon

JEB Stuart













Advancing to Region Playoffs (Beginning 2013-14)

As listed above Conference 13 will include the smaller schools from the Northern Region.  Conference 14 will be made up of Loudoun schools; Conference 15 will include Prince William Co., Stafford Co. and the Fredericksburg area. Finally, Conference 16 will comprise 4 schools, two from the Charlottesville area, one from Richmond and one from Halifax County which is close to the North Carolina border. Since we have one conference with 8 teams, two with 6 teams and one with three teams we have developed a new regional tournament structure. One-half of the teams participating in a sport will advance to the Region from each conference in most sports.  There will be a minimum of 2 per conference (where at least 2 teams exist) advancing.



***Brackets were created for a 4-year cycle.


12 Team Region Bracketed Sports:  Conf. 13 (4), Conf. 14 (3), Conf. 15 (3), Conf. 16 (2)

Baseball, Boys/Girls Basketball, Boys/Girls Cross Country (plus 15 indiv.), Co-ed Golf (plus 5 indiv.), Boys/Girls Soccer, Softball,  and Girls Volleyball

***Cheerleading—12 but no brackets necessary.

Boys/Girls tennis- top 2 teams, top 2 individuals and doubles.

Football: the top 16 teams in our 5A North Region will make the Region Playoffs.   The #16 seed will play #1, etc.   The winner of 5A North will advance to face the winner of the 5A South Region in the State Championship game.

Boys/Girls Lacrosse, Gymnastics and Field Hockey are unique with multiple classes in our Zone or Area and advancement to the Region and State will be different from the other sports and dictated by the state.

Individual Events:

Boys/Girls Swim and Dive, Boys/Girls Indoor Track, Boys/Girls Outdoor Track

*5 qualifiers per event (plus 5 relays in swim and 3 in track) to the regional championship from each conference plus those meeting the state or any regional qualifying times.



5 individuals qualify for the regional championship from our conference.

Advancing to State Tournaments

Both the winner of each Region tournament and the runner-up will advance to the State Playoffs against the other Region 5A South tournament winner and runner-up.  The 5A South is made up of mostly Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton, and Norfolk schools. The Runner up from 5A South will play the Champion of 5A North and vice versa. This eliminates what historically has been the State Quarter final round since there are only 4 teams going to state level competition.

As with anything new, there are still many final details on each sport to be worked out.  We want to make sure you are aware of the changes that will impact all VHSL member schools beginning next year.  We will continue to forward information to our coaches, teams, parents and the community as we continue to support the mission of the VHSL for the sake of our students.  Please let us know if you have any questions.



Jay Pearson, Principal

Joe Swarm, Director of Student Activities
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