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Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School


Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Team News.

Team News

9 months ago @ 1:43PM

2018 Marshall Cross Country Team Policies

2018 Marshall Cross Country Team Policies

Tryouts Begin Tuesday, 31 July 2018

All returning Marshall athletes must report to practice by August 6th (Monday thru Friday)

Athletes should report each weekday to the Marshall HS Track from 6:00pm – 7:30pm and on Saturday's at Idylwood Park, Falls Church, VA at 7:00am. 

All required paperwork MUST be turned in to the Head Coach before an athlete will be allowed to participate in tryouts. The team roster will be finalized on Monday, August 13th.

Time Trials

All athletes must participate in time trials to be eligible for the team. Athletes must meet team requirement to be eligible for the team.  Top 30 boys after the last time trial and Top 30 girls after the last time trial or meet time standard for your grade.  Athletes also must have at least 16 practices thru the month of August to be eligible for the team.  

2 Mile Time Trial Standards

Freshmen Girls - 16:00 minutes                                 Freshmen Boys - 15:00 minutes

Sophomore Girls - 14:30 minutes                              Sophomore Boys - 13:30 minutes

Junior Girls - 14:00 minutes                                          Junior Boys - 13:00 minutes

Senior Girls – 13:00 minutes                                        Senior Boys – 12:00 minutes

(Will keep 30 girls for team)                                       (Will keep 30 boys for team)

Late enrollment will be available to Freshman ONLY up to the first day of school. Late enrollees will be expected to meet the In-Season Time Trial of (12:00 minutes for boys and 13:00 minutes for girls).

Attendance Policy

All absences must be approved by Head Coach only. Athletes – NOT parents – are responsible for contacting the Head Coach.

Missing practice may result in not competing in an upcoming meet. One missed practice in a week will be the Head Coach’s call. Two missed practices in a week will automatically result in the athlete not competing in the upcoming meet. Any athlete that misses a meet they are scheduled to run, will be suspended for the next meet. After four missed meets, the athlete will be dismissed from the TEAM. Missed meets are approved by Head Coach only.

Ways to Contact the Head Coach

1. Talk to Coach directly.

2. Leave message on Coach’s voicemail (202) 528-1378

3. Email or text the Head Coach ( at least 30 minutes before practice starts.

Practice and Meet Guidelines - Team practice will be after school Monday-Friday – 3:00-5:00pm.  All athletes are to attend all practices. Team Captains will be appointed by the Head Coach.  All athletes must follow the captains’ instructions, which will be passed down from the Coaches.
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